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Vera Tchikovani is an abstract artist who currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA. She is of Russian descent, was brought up in Paris, France, and moved to the US in her early teens. She received a Master’s degree and did post graduate in Slavic Literature and Languages at UC Berkeley. She had a successful career in education, but at the same time always kept in touch with the world of art. But when she took an early retirement she decided to return to that first love – art. She studied painting under Glen Moriwaki, an abstract expressionist, for four years. She also studied under Steve Aimone, Fran Skiles, Mira White, Nancy Hillis and Krista Harris. She is a successful exhibiting artist, who has been showing her work in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Recently, two of her works were exhibited at Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, where in 2019 she received an Honorary Mention.






Vera Tchikovani is an abstract and gestural painter. She works in acrylics, mixed media and collage. Her painting is a journey of self discovery and a search for authenticity in artistic creation. Her process involves her whole being – emotional, intellectual and physical. It reflects her life experiences, visions, responses to life... She does not begin her painting with a preconceived plan or idea, but rather allows the subconscious guide the process and establish the rhythm, harmony and balance. She is especially committed to the search for simplicity and honesty in her art, and that gesture, line and color that would best express her inner world.


"Artists of the Bay Area", produced and curated by Jen Tough of Jen Tough Gallery, Blurb, 2022


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