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Acrylic Painting For Sale

Acrylic Paintings for Sale by an Authentic Bay Area Artist

Vera Tchikovani is a well-known Bay Area artist who has been showcasing her work all over San Francisco for many years. She has recently decided to sell her work to the public through her personal website. If you’re a fan of acrylic art, Tchikovani’s work is a must-see. She has a unique eye for color and asymmetry, which gives her paintings an off-kilter, yet aesthetically pleasing quality.

Great art doesn’t just look nice, it evokes emotion and intellectual discourse. A former educator at UC Berkeley, Tchikovani has turned her intellectual curiosities into breathtaking works of art, Those looking for an acrylic painting for sale would be remiss to ignore her daring use of tone and texture. A classically trained artist and intellectual, Tchikovani has a gift for expressing raw emotion through paint. Looking at one of her paintings, the observer is immediately stricken by feelings of pain, sorrow, joy, and longing all at the same time. These often-contradictory emotions don’t cancel each other out, but rather contribute to a greater emotive experience felt by the observer.

Tchikovani’s work has been greatly influenced by her tenure as a Bay area artist. There is something about Northern California that evokes both ecstasy and ennui. Tchikovani expertly channels this strange concoction of emotions into gorgeous works of art. Her work is perfect for both casual settings and formal occasions. Hang it on your wall at home and impress friends at a dinner party or start your own ad hoc gallery. Whatever your intentions, Tchikovani has work to match any mood or atmosphere. Tchikovani’s acrylic paintings are now for sale on her website. They are available in a variety of sizes on both paper and canvas.

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