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Decorative Art For Sale

High-Quality Decorative Art for Sale

If you are in search of collage art for sale, the work of Vera Tchikovani is sure to intrigue you. Tchikovani creates amazing works of decorative art that are perfect to hang in your home, office, studio, or gallery. She creates collages of acrylic paint and other types of mixed media. The work pushes boundaries and defies categorization. Her use of color, texture, shape, and form all deconstruct traditional notions of aesthetics and beauty to create work that is enthralling and carefully constructed.

Collage art in and of itself is a deconstructive medium. It seeks to tear apart traditional forms and re-assemble them into something that gets at the root of the expression, rather than depicting the exact reality as it is viewed by an observer. Tchikovani is a master of the craft and her work is full of chaos and emotion. What emotion it evokes is tough to pin down, which is precisely what makes the work so intense and mesmerizing. There is a brooding, intense energy that is palpable through the brush strokes and found materials pasted throughout her work.

Tchikovani paintings make great decorative art for those who appreciate color and collage. Whether you’re an art student or a casual connoisseur, her radiant displays of unadulterated color and emotion are sure to awe and inspire those who bear witness. There is intense, primal energy in her work that is hard to ignore. You won’t find work of this quality at a better price. So if you’re looking for breathtaking collage art for sale, you’re in the right place. Add a little color and raw energy to your life by purchasing an original work by this master artisan. If you don’t act now, you may regret it in years to come when you see her work hanging in a famous gallery.

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