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San Francisco Artist

Stunning Contemporary Art by a Local San Francisco Artist

Vera Tchikovani is an abstract artist based in San Francisco. Originally an educator at University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, Tchikovani began painting later in life and found a second career in contemporary art. She combines acrylics, mixed media, and collage to create rich textures and daring compositions. Her work is both visceral and emotionally raw. She channels feelings of chaos and enlightenment through broad, sweeping brush strokes and rich tones. Reminiscent of great abstract painters like Joan Mitchel or Robert Motherwell, Tchikovani’s work speaks in a coded language of inner angst and intellectual curiosity.


A true San Francisco Artist, Tchikovani has been exhibiting her work in the Bay Area for

many years. Although she was brought up in France, San Francisco has been her home for most of her life. She has studied painting under the abstract expressionist painter, Glen Moriwaki,  and has worked hard to hone her craft. Now, she is making her exclusive collection of works available for Purchase.


Tchikovani makes contemporary art that any aesthete can enjoy. Her innovative use of color and texture sets her apart from other artists currently working. She uses both bright, explosive colors and cold, neutral tones. Shapes and lines may devolve into chaotic blurs and evoke suspense and tension. The work is filled with vibrant and joyful energy as well as a sense of existential search, and plays with the duality of human experience in a unique and innovative way.


If you live in the Bay Area and want to support a local San Francisco artist, Tchikovani’s

work is worth checking out. She seeks to showcase the authenticity of her lived experience through paint and collage and the result is work that is both evocative and iconic. Her work is available in different sizes, both on paper and canvas

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